Valerie made the bold decision to quit alcohol and go to war with her inner demons after a series of adverse events drove her to realize that alcoholism was a symptom of childhood trauma. Those adverse experiences were divine intervention, she got the memo that she needed to get sober and go on an inner exploration to find the root cause of her suffering. After some time the trajectory of her life changed because of this decision. She committed to healing and loving her inner child.  She gently excavated the acutely buried self-hate, re-connected with her gift of writing and is slowly aligning with her life purpose. She has been proudly sober for over two years.  She started this blog to share spiritual insights and recognizes the importance of speaking our truth while finding our authentic voice.  She hopes her messages touch you and inspire self-healing.

Valerie earned her BA with departmental honors in psychology from Cal State University Dominguez Hills. She is a dog mom to an amazing pup named, Kahlo. She loves to dance salsa and reggaeton! She is a book collector (she buys more books than she can keep up with), a fitness and yoga enthusiast who loves to sing. She is a proud queer Latinx mujer, her mother is from Colombia and her father is from Mexico.