Valerie Zepeda is the creator of Spiritual Cardio , a group coaching program that teaches women how to become the archeologists of their story, liberate themselves from self-destructive behaviors, and embrace self-love.

Driven by personal experience, her mission is to teach other women the steps she took to make peace with her inner truth, how to surrender the victimhood mentality, and adopt a new perspective: They are not victims of their past but rather the product of collective lessons that contribute to their spiritual growth.

Together, they laugh and cry as they unpack the things they try to avoid while reshaping the limiting perspectives that prevent them from tapping into their soul’s beauty. By building a sacred virtual community of like-minded women, where vulnerability and every unique story is celebrated, Valerie is igniting a movement to empower all women to slay their inner demons.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cal State University Dominguez Hills. In her free time, she loves playing with her dog, dancing salsa and reggaeton, working out, meditating, and reading.

Learn more at Valeriezepeda.com