So Many Things to Share with You!

Hi Everyone!

I haven’t posted on this site in quite a while because I’ve been busy building a spiritual healing community. I am the creator and coach of Spiritual Cardio™, a group coaching program that teaches women how to become the archeologists of their story, liberate themselves from self-destructive behaviors, and cultivate self-love. I poured all of my heart’s pain and soul’s wisdom into this program to provide hope and inspiration by turning pain into power. I believe the inward journey that we embark on is the most beautiful journey of our life because it will cultivate a loving relationship with ourselves, God, and our soul. And if we release resistance – it’s the most magical journey we’ll ever experience because it’s a journey into our rebirth. It’s a journey back to the root of who we authentically are.

I suffered in silence for many years, and my goal is to help other women pull themselves out of suffering. In a nutshell, I guide women in practicing spirituality – each practice is accompanied by a profoundly thought-provoking lecture and raw personal examples from my story.

In Spiritual Cardio™, we heal in community. When I speak my inner truth, I open the door for other women to seek and speak theirs, and we begin to heal in community. I’ve created a safe space where we talk about the things we’ve been trying to forget. The things we can’t talk about at dinner parties and those that haunt our memories and are buried in our hearts. We don’t commiserate because there is a way out of suffering, and I provide women with a roadmap to getting there.

If you’re interested in staying up to date with my upcoming projects, please visit my website here to subscribe to my newsletter. If you’re interested in learning more about Spiritual Cardio™ or registering for an upcoming session, click here.

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