The Power of Forgiveness

In this week’s episode of the Spiritual Cardio Podcast, I’m talking about the Power of Forgiveness and I share some amazing practices that you can start using today.  It’s a hard practice to initiate because strong emotions are tied to the memories that haunt us. But this spiritual practice helps us open up a portal into the unknown. And in the unknown is where the ultimate beauty of life happens. It’s where we meet the value of healing and the vitality of humility opens up our hearts for the first time. 

This is such an important part of our growth because, without forgiveness, we’re stagnant emotionally and spiritually. We carry bitterness in our hearts and broadcast it energetically, which is a disservice to us and the world around us.

I hope you find the courage to practice forgiveness and experience what the unknown holds for you. I gave myself permission to seek answers from a spiritual perspective many years ago and it’s transformed my life. The mind and spirituality inspire miracles if we open ourselves up to the magic of our imagination and the power of words spoken. 

The podcast is available on your favorite platforms including SpotifyAppleGoogle, and Youtube!  I hope the podcast inspires you to keep going, to keep loving yourself, and stay true to what your heart needs. 

If you’re ready to do your inner work and want to heal in community with like-minded women, Spiritual Cardio™ is open for registration with new sessions starting soon. The journey back to your authentic self is a beautiful love story and I’m rooting for you!

(2) Ep. 5 The Power of Forgiveness – Spiritual Cardio™ Podcast – YouTube

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