Spiritual Stamina

Spiritual stamina is to keep going deeper when faced with contrast Contrast lurks around every corner It is there to test your spiritual will and growth Demonstrating unconditional love in the face of contrast exposes God’s will held within Empathizing with someone else’s perception defies the ego’s expectations This heals you, expands your consciousness and … More Spiritual Stamina


I am grateful for the series of events that led me to be sober today If these events hadn’t happened, I’d still be drinking today So, every incident that ate a piece of my self-esteem was a win in the long run because I got my esteem back x10 By loving myself the right way, … More Gratitude

Begin Again

Tonight, I write to those suffering,to those enduring their lowest point. Tonight, I say to you, use your low point as your ammo. Lower your ego shield and surrender to the divine. Your lowest point is what will catapult you into the direction of greatness. Reflect. Breathe. Release. The greatest of stories begin at the … More Begin Again


And within her, she found that little girl She embraced her with the delicateness of a flower’s petals touching the wind She felt her presence in moments of joy And saw her invisible darkness in moments of negativity She battled with fear and so did I We challenged it together from different perspectives Through the … More Advent


I feel love. For the first time in a very long time. I feel moved by something other than my spiritual alignment. And it’s for a woman. Another soul has captured my intrigue and lured me deep into unchartered depths of desire. I am vulnerable more than ever. But feel comforted by her in this … More Her

Formless Touch

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The way in which the world emanates radiant forms of love and exudes natural intelligence. The way in which every human being is of flesh and blood but within each lies a metaphysical kindness. An utterly¬†delicate heart that beats energetic waves of compassion. Sure, we’re flawed from trauma. Sure, societal conditioning … More Formless Touch

Love Filter

Your heart knows what’s right. Filter every word and every action from your hearts center. From the hearts perspective, you cannot go wrong.


Do not forget who you are in this. You are a warrior soul with a beautiful heart. You are a gladiator spirit who can take on anything. You maintain an inner light that never dims. When faced with negativity, you fight harder to enhance its brightness. Do not fear to be hurt or disappointed for … More Fearless