The Nature of Us

What happened to us? We all have a unique journey But we’ve been conditioned into resisting every bump and loop When a human being determines they love their present because they have overcome a turbulent past, That they appreciate where they are because they withstood the darkest pain Enduring contrast with ease and grace That … More The Nature of Us

A Glimpse of Clarity

Sobriety cleared the bleak fog from my perceptive lens It gave me the priceless gift of clarity, Awarded me the opportunity of experiencing life while living in grace Introduced me to feeling a sense of security I’d never known Led me to believe in and romanticize dreams while awake Reconnected me to my childhood passion … More A Glimpse of Clarity

500 Days of Sobriety

Sobriety has a way of recreating a state that you drank to forget.  When I first got sober, I isolated myself. I felt lonely, sad and hopeless but it felt familiar. A resemblance to my 13-year-old actuality who was trying to escape my desolate dysfunctional world through community anesthetics. And so, sobriety says, let us … More 500 Days of Sobriety

Spiritual Stamina

Spiritual stamina is to keep going deeper when faced with contrast Contrast lurks around every corner It is there to test your spiritual will and growth Demonstrating unconditional love in the face of contrast exposes God’s will held within Empathizing with someone else’s perception defies the ego’s expectations This heals you, expands your consciousness and … More Spiritual Stamina


I am grateful for the series of events that led me to be sober today If these events hadn’t happened, I’d still be drinking today So, every incident that ate a piece of my self-esteem was a win in the long run because I got my esteem back x10 By loving myself the right way, … More Gratitude