I feel love. For the first time in a very long time. I feel moved by something other than my spiritual alignment. And it’s for a woman. Another soul has captured my intrigue and lured me deep into unchartered depths of desire. I am vulnerable more than ever. But feel comforted by her in this … More Her

Formless Touch

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The way in which the world emanates radiant forms of love and exudes natural intelligence. The way in which every human being is of flesh and blood but within each lies a metaphysical kindness. An utterly delicate heart that beats energetic waves of compassion. Sure, we’re flawed from trauma. Sure, societal conditioning … More Formless Touch

Love Filter

Your heart knows what’s right. Filter every word and every action from your hearts center. From the hearts perspective, you cannot go wrong.


Do not forget who you are in this. You are a warrior soul with a beautiful heart. You are a gladiator spirit who can take on anything. You maintain an inner light that never dims. When faced with negativity, you fight harder to enhance its brightness. Do not fear to be hurt or disappointed for … More Fearless

Expansion Prayer

Dear God, I place my life on your altar.  Teach me what I need to know to live out my life purpose. Show me how to love using your virtue while honoring my boundaries.  Teach me how to show compassion while commanding respect.  Show me how to fight in your holy way. Teach me how … More Expansion Prayer

Embrace Divinity

There is a stillness that is always within. This light is invariably present, not only during meditation. Our world is full of appearances but we are one moment of infinite divinity. Just as the clouds shift through the sky, we see appearances come and go, but the sky lies in stillness. The sky is eternal, … More Embrace Divinity

Divine Surrender

In stillness, I rise. I release it all. All the pain, the trauma, the confusion, and the ego. I have no more ammo for this war within me. This egoic defense detangles the reigns of my heart now and forevermore. I have free will to roam emotionally in a field of peace, in a field of joy. … More Divine Surrender

Vibe High

Self-care is the medicine. Self-love illuminates the path to self-transcendence. So, let go of that which weighs you down and amplify your character strengths. Highlight your world and raise the collective consciousness around you with kindness. Most importantly, surrender to the universe, dance with your soul and begin to sync with who you were meant … More Vibe High


And very soulfully she sunk into her chair Thoughts entered her mind but not like before For this was a different kind of night Grace was in the air Peace drowned her being She never saw such clarity before For this was a very different kind of night Nothing like ever before She was syncing … More Arrival


My inner existence used to be a jigsaw puzzle with jagged edges, twisted and isolated pieces that didn’t fit together. That was self-hate.  I used to know it very well, we were close for many many years. Now, because of my spiritual awakening, I have no idea what that would feel like.  But I knew … More Farewell